Empowering the Human Sidhe Connection


who are the sidhe? 

In Gaelic the word Sidhe —spoken Shee— means The People of Peace. They live in the legends and myths of peoples throughout the world.



The Sidhe are a race of diverse beings who live in one of the realms invisible to us that make up the larger energy of the Earth. … Their world exists on a “wavelength” of the physical dimension, even though they are obviously not part of the physical environment or wavelength where we live. They are incarnated individuals who are very long lived, though not immortal….

David Spangler — Conversations with the Sidhe


Conversations with the Sidhe

David Spangler

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David Spangler

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David Spangler & Jeremy Berg

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John Matthews

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Soren Hauge


 "For all that you have journeyed into matter and faced the challenges that it has posed, you still carry within you the presence of our ancient, common ancestor. You carry its potential as a creator of wholeness. This is what we wish to awaken in you. We want you to remember who and what you are, the family to which you belong.

Mariel in Conversations with the Sidhe